Sunday 24 April 2011

Lessons from the Scripting Games 2011

We have just come to the end of another year for the Microsoft Scripting Games.  It was another exciting event and one in which I managed to take part in full this year... well not quite, I missed one deadline due to not knowing what day it was, and the other to having been traveling for most of the last day I had to write and submit it on (my fault for leaving it 'til the last minute).  Still that is better than the 1 script I had time to submit last year.

This year as I'm still fairly new to PowerShell and generally work in the console rather than Scripting I enter in the Beginner Category.  Having finished in the top half of the board I intent to train for the next year to participate in the advanced games...

Until then I need to learn from this years scripts and see where I did well, where others did well, and where failing occurred...

Lesson 1 I shall take from this years games is the requirement for reusable code... in the most part this required use of Advanced Functions. These aren't as scary as they sound.  I won't go into how to use them now but I do plan to write alot about that in the future.  I don't want to write this until I'm clearer on this myself and I am not blogging from my phone.

Lesson 2 add help into your Scripting.  Within you functions open the help text with <# help info >

I will follow up with more lessons later on, but, for now take a look at some of the entries both high and low staring and read the scripts and comments to discover more...

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